Check out Construction Dive's interview of Jeff Lyness on the state of construction in Indiana

How Indiana’s thriving economy is driving construction opportunities

The construction market is strong in Indiana thanks to a business-friendly climate and a bustling economy, according to Jeff Lyness, vice president of Greendale, IN–based Maxwell Construction. The company, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, has completed more than 3 billion square feet of design-built projects and is a leader in the region’s commercial and industrial segments.

Though the state’s industry is flourishing, Maxwell and others face challenges with the skilled labor gap. While the company is working to attract the next generation of Indiana construction workers, Maxwell — like many in the industry — is also increasingly turning its focus to the ways technology can help fill that gap. 

Construction Dive spoke with Lyness about Indiana’s booming construction market, how the Hoosier State is dealing with the labor shortage and technology’s growing role in the industry.

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