Self-Perform Services

Maxwell has a skilled craft force that we utilize to self-perform work on our jobsites. The amount of work we self-perform can range from project to project depending on the type of construction. With Maxwell self-performing a portion of the work, we are not only giving a quality Clients can trust but benefits elsewhere in the project. Self-performing allows Maxwell to be able to control costs and maintain the schedule that the project demands. 

At Maxwell we are advancing in technology. Our laser scanner gives us the capability to record 3D scans of our projects. We are able to record substantially more information in half the time with using the scanner. We have used this on jobsites to see underground utilities to insure installation matches blueprints. We have also used it during historic renovations during site visits to get more information to take back to the office compared to traditional site visits. This allows us to provide more accurate as-built drawings and a greater service to our customers.

Maxwell has the ability to self-perform in the following areas. 

  • Concrete Work
    • Footings and Foundations
    • Slab on Grade
    • Flatwork
  • Sitework
    • Earthwork
    • Utilities
  • Carpentry
    • Wood Frame / Blocking
    • Cabinets / Trim / Door Hardware

Wood-Mizer Phase 2
Batesville, IN

The Owner was seeking a superior slab on grade concrete floor that could stand the test of time. They were tired of the ongoing maintenance of saw joints and construction joints that the hard-wheeled tires, used in the production process, break down over the continuous use inside their facilities.  After a lot of research, along with industry expert engineers weighing in, the team was able to design a floor design that checked all the boxes for what our client was looking for.  We ultimately selected a “Steel Fiber” floor.  A concrete mix design was established that included the proper dosage of steel fibers that were added to the concrete truck at the Ready Mix Plant and delivered to the jobsite.  This mix provided a great solution for increased joint spacing, crack reduction, increased load bearing capacity, as well as provide superior strength for future growth opportunities for the clients expanding business. 

Dunkin Donuts
Harrison, OH

The BLK360, Recap Pro, and AutoCAD to verify underground plumbing locations.

Nagel Distribution
West Harrison, IN

Concrete slab pour of a 6″ slab around 9,000 SF. This was slab pour number six on this job site.  The total project consisted of a 46,250 SF Pre-Engineered Metal Building with a 6,500 SF Office Space. The building will be used to produce, store and distribute four mix projects for Brighten Mills Company.

Rising Sun Boat Ramp 
Rising Sun, IN

New boat ramp / dock on the Ohio River. Project included a new concrete ramp, floating dock, handrails, retaining walls and connecting walkway. The ramp was installed by a creative “slab push” method. The slab was poured on shore and pushed into the water.